What We're Playing
With Our Kids:

1. Splendor
2. Happy Salmon
3. Ticket To Ride
4. Carcassone
5. Settlers of Catan
6. Castle Keep
7. Kingdomino
8. Coup

Introduce Your Kids to
Role Playing Games!

1. Stuffed Fables
2. D&D Starter Kit
3. Kobolds Ate My Baby
4. No Thank you, Evil
5. Little Wizards
6. Robit Riddle

Excellent Graphic Novels (8-and-up):

1. Bone - Smith
2. Hereville - Deutsch
3. The Nameless City - Hicks
4. The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo - Weing
5. Rutabaga Adventure Chef - Colassal
6. Ghosts - Telgemeier

8. Zita The Space Girl - Hatke
9. Mighty Jack - Hatke
10. Cleopatra In Space - Maihack
7. Space Battle Lunchtime - Reiss
11. 5 Worlds - Siegel
12. Amulet - Kibuishi

13. Sisters - Telgemeier

14. HiLo - Winnick
15. Ms Marvel - Wilson
16. Moon Girl - Reeder
17. Ultimate Spider-Man - Bendis
18. The New Mutants - Claremont

TV Recommendations (8-and-up):

1. Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)
2. Star Vs The Forces of Evil (Disney)
3. Gravity Falls (Disney)
4. Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon Network)
5. Duck Tales (new and old, Disney)

Creative Online Classes for Kids!
Fri, 03 Apr 2020

Yaya Play is offering week-long online Comics and Animation courses for kids ages 8+, for families looking for creative learning, with proceeds going to support the Million Year Picnic comic book store. Learn more here!


Making Comics with Superkids
Mon, 27 Nov 2017

Franciscan Children’s is a rehabilitative hospital and school for kids to develop strong bodies and minds after sever physiological trauma.

in Fall 2017 the Boston Globe invited me to collaborate with four of these amazing children, to help them imagine themselves as superheroes and draw comics of their new personas. I am thrilled to present the first of these collaborations here: Massimo the Great!


We hope you enjoy the story, video, and comic!

Jason Wiser, Creative Director of Yaya Play

A Year in the Elevator!
Mon, 27 Nov 2017

What a year it has been for our cooperative family card game, Monsters in the Elevator!

As one of five finalists in the 2016-2017 national Hasbro competition, we had the pleasure of consulting with members of the Hasbro team and launched an Indiegogo campaign. We needed at least 100 campaign contributors to qualify for the next stage of the contest. The previous record by a Hasbro contestant was 250 contributors, and we got nearly 400!

Over the following months we fulfilled all the orders for copies of the game. We also completed the promised storybook “Big Day in the Office” (about a little monster going to her mother’s workplace for the first time) which we hope to ship out in December. Here is the cover:


In November we attended the first ever PAX Unplugged convention in Philadelphia, where we met a dozen different publishers and pitched Monsters in the Elevator. We were thrilled by the enthusiasm and praise for the game we received!
Looking for a gift for the holidays? We have a limited supply of copies left from the Indiegogo. If you want a copy for friends or family, please let us know: Jason@YayaPlay.com

Wishing you a very happy holidays,

Monsters in the Elevator is a Hasbro Finalist!
Thu, 12 Jan 2017

Just announced: Our cooperative math card game Monsters in the Elevator is 1 of 5 finalists in the Hasbro Gaming Lab competition!

To stay in the competition Hasbro says each finalist needs at least 100 unique backers on our Indiegogo campaigns. Please check us out today and help us meet our goals!


Monsters on Indiegogo 1/12/17
Sun, 01 Jan 2017

UPDATE: The Indiegogo is Live! Hear all about Monsters in the Elevator and help us meet our goals!

* * * * * *

Happy New Year!

Do you like your monsters cute, cooperative, and sneaky about their math? Our card game Monsters in the Elevator is for 2-6 players ages 7-11 (and up), and is coming to Indiegogo in just 12 days!

Join out Facebook Event for updates and help us fund production of our award winning game!

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