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At PAX East 2012 Yaya Play Creative Director Jason Wiser moderated a panel on games and parents titled

"How Young Is Too Young For Games?"

The provocative title was intended to discuss the need for more parent education in a variety of gaming media; certainly everyone on the panel believed children should play many kinds of games as early and often as possible.

The Panelists: Luminaries of Children's Media.

We even raised money for the Child's Play charity during the talk!:
  • The Plan: PAX East Panel as Childs Play fundraiser!
  • The Results: First Ever IN-PANEL PAX Childs Play Fundraiser reaches $1,000 goal in one hour!
  • The Reward: If the audience reached the goal, we promised to debut this delightful animated film about contributing to Child's Play by advanced animation students of The New England Institute of Art, produced by Jason Wiser. They did, and we did!


    At PAX East 2014 Jason Wiser returned with an all-star panel on parenting and games:

    "Leveling Up Your Kid: Parenting Through Games and Game Design"

    Can game design make us more effective parents? How can we use games and game elements to promote growth and learning, create good gameplay and maintain our values as Guardians of Little Humans? This all-star panel of Game Designer Parents have ideas for you! Come get inspired and share anecdotes of gaming with your kids.

    The Panelists: Game Industry Veteran Parents!

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