A Competitive Plant-Growing Game for 3-6 players, ages 6-and-up.

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Dec 15, 2015: Hurray for fans! After our nearly sold-out run at BFIG we have been getting delightful emails from happy families, including the inventive, collaborative play on the left to make a single intwerconnected plant.

Grow Fairy Kingdoms was praised on the "Engage" Family Gaming Podcast!:

Sep 13, 2015: Grow Fairy Kingdoms is available for sale! The special BFIG 2015 edition features 120 tiles and a cute handcrafted cube box. $30 + shipping. Contact us at info@yayaplay.com to order.
Sep 12, 2015: What an amazing time we had at the 2015 Boston Festival of Indie Games! We are so glad people enjoyed our Kids Games Scavenger hunt and that so many played Grow Fairy Kingdoms.
Check out more pictures here: facebook.com/YayaPlay.
Aug 2, 2015: Grow Fairy Kingdoms has been accepted into the Tabletop Showcase of the Boston Festival of Indie Games! Come see us Saturday, September 12 for some fantasy fighting foliage!


Behold the Game of Botanical Battling!

Each player starts with a Base on which to grow their plant.

There are two phases: the Day when each player chooses tiles to grow their plant, and the Night, when each Thorn on your plant is a chance to prune your rivals.

There are four main types of tiles: Stems which cause the plant to branch, Flowers are victory points, Thorns for night-attacks, and Leaves shield against attacks.

Rare tiles include powerful gold Flowers, Thorns, and Leaves, as well as tiles to place on rival plants: Rot (to prevent growth) and Caterpillars (to eat opponent tiles).

In the Night phase, Thorns allow players to roll 6-sided die to target the ends of rival plants.

The game ends when at least one player survives a night with at least 5 victory points.

Easy to learn for kids and adults!

Read the Grow Fairy Kingdoms Rules Packet



Jason Wiser: I designed Grow Fairy Kingdoms for my daughter who loves gardening, fairies, and tile-based games.

We were interested in simultaneous play, which gave rise to the "growing" mechanic, and in non-elimination attacks, which became pruning. The gifting mechanic ballances the attacking: every full cycle we share with each other and take away.

Most of the initial art was painted in a single night-- so the game could be tested a day after it was conceived-- although much has been revised since.

I want to thank the dozens of students and friends who playtested the game and made suggestions, in particular Julie Hahn and Joe Kisenworth who played GFK one evening at the 2015 Game Developers Conference and offered exceptionally concise advice for streamlining the play and pieces.

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