Welcome to DinoTruckstm!

Does your child love trucks and dinosaurs?
Encourage their inner paleontologist!

Use your Excavator to find the bones of multiple dinos and bring them to life! Dig up more trucks and accessories, experiment with fun interactions, build, dig, destroy, and build again! Can you find everything your sandbox has to offer?

For ages 3-to-10.

We roared to the iPad October 15, 2014:
on National Fossil Day!

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  • Yaya Play Releases DinoTrucks Game: Dig and Build Dino Skeletons on National Fossil Day!

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    "Watching it I felt the little boy in me start bursting with joy" -- Rowan, 2ndOpinionPod

    "DinoTrucks is the ultimate Sandbox game." -- Cory Osborne, Founder, Broken Infinity Labs

    "Delightful" -- Maureen Starkey, Hugo Award Winner, Top Women in Games

    "A smart fulfillment of every kid's fantasy" -- Link Hughes, Game Designer

    "Kids love dinosaurs and trucks, parents love happy, occupied kids--what's not to love? I want to sit in the back seat and play it." -- George "The Fat Man" Sanger, Legendary Game Audio Guru


    Design and Art:
    Jason Wiser

    Jason is the Creative Director of Yaya Play LLC. He teaches art and animation at The New England Insitute of Art and has worked as an animator or instructor on projects for TV, Film, and Games at Pixar, Fire Hose Games, Harmonix Music Systems, Disney/ABC Family's "Greek" and the MIT Media Lab. He received his BA from Wesleyan University and MFA from Emerson College.

    Code and Design:
    Jason Whitehouse

    Jason is a senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. He founded Dastardly Banana Productions with his brother in 2008, when he was still in high school. He starts work at Microsoft in 2015.
    Code and Design:
    Nathan Whitehouse

    Nathan graduated from Hampshire College in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science and Game Design. He co-founded game production studio Dastardly Banana Productions with his brother and is a partner at film production company Honey Toad Studio, located on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
    Audio Design:
    Rachel Dziezynski

    Rachel graduated Spring 2014 from Berklee College of Music in the Film Scoring and Electronic Production in Design majors and where she was the head of the Game Music club.

    Rachel worked particularly hard on the Dinosaur sounds for DinoTrucks, from the plinks of bones being attached to the roars of the fully built Dinos. She is currently an English instructor in Japan through the JET program!

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